Area 51 Book Offers Wild Claims of Roswell Incident

Base Fifty Book Jacobsen

The infamous Nevada military base identified as Region fifty one is one of the most secretive spots on Earth.  Eyewitness Information has aired several stories about the base over the years but we have never ever had considerably of a look inside of -- until finally now. More>>

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LAS VEGAS -- Nevada's leading secret military base known as Location 51 exploded into the public arena in the late 1980's right after tales first broadcast on Channel 8 about alleged alien technological innovation currently being examined out in the desert.

Now, a new, equally peculiar account is making a furor. It really is a twisted tale involving Nazi's, Russians, and horrific human experimentation.

L.A. Times author Annie Jacobsen did not set out to uncork one of the most exotic conspiracy stories of all time. The concentrate of her new book, Region fifty one, An Uncensored History, was always going to be on the Chilly War heroes who toiled in obscurity at Groom Lake on top rated secret applications like the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes.

Place fifty one staff, component of a social group named the Roadrunners, first went public with their insiders tales of the base in 2005 on 8 News NOW. Jacobsen knew their histories would make a excellent book.

But a seven web page segment at the stop of her new book has overshadowed every little thing else, creating a media firestorm. Jacobsen has appeared on every thing from Comedy Central to National Geographic telling a tale that ties Region fifty one to the infamous Roswell incident

"I received this e mail from these conspiracy theorists in the United kingdom who ended up extremely angry with me and stated that even we don't feel you," she explained ( via ).

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