Army: Mystery bang mid-air explosion in Bangkok

Tambon Earth Loud Bangs

Two or three equivalent incidents had previously been documented in this region but the lead to remained unfamiliar. He did not think the explosions indicated an attack by Cambodian troops.

The reports triggered worry in the communities in this border tambon as the villagers assumed it was another shelling by Cambodian artillery.

Soon immediately after the explosions were noticed, a piece of steel about 1 metre prolonged and 50 percent a metre vast was identified in a subject at Phumsarol Witthaya College, said Chokchai Saikaeo, president of tambon Sao Thongchai administration organisation.

The very same faculty was strike by artillery fire throughout the preventing between Thai and Cambodian forces before this year.

Mr Chokchai also said a number of much more bits of similarly burned yellowish metal were later on located in nearby spots in the tambon.

Troops who went to investigate the reports explained the steel particles could be from a satellite, reports said, but  there was no confirmation.

According to, Russia's troubled, toxic fuel-loaded Phobos-Grunt spacecraft, which is caught in minimal-Earth orbit owing to an motor failure relatively than on its way to Mars, appears to be doomed, with modest pieces of the wayward probe presently falling to Earth. There was no affirmation that the accessoire in Si Sa Ket was linked to this.

The satellite was anticipated to drop back again to Earth in January.

Metal particles had been scattered more than an place in Si Sa Ket on Dec 22, 2011 subsequent a mysterious loud bangs. The army reckons the loud bangs were from an unidentified mid-air explosion. (Publish Photo)

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