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Astrophysicist Predicts X-Flare Similar to Carrington Event on 12/21/12

Astrophysicist Predicts X-Flare Similar to Carrington Event on 12/21/12
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December 2, 2012 - Thebarcaroller is a Astrophysicist on YouTube who does educational-type videos on planetary alignments and such. He is stating that due to the upcoming planetary alignments, including an asteroid "ceres" also aligning with the planets. This alignment could cause disruption with the Sun and cause an X-flare. He goes onto say that this alignment is similar to the alignment of planets that caused the Carrington Event of 1859. Such an event today will wipe out our electrical grid and cause long term damage.

Two strong celestial alignments on December 17-18 which involve (Jupiter-Earth-Mercury) and (Venus-Mercury-Sun) as well as combined astrological aspects and harmonic resonance from a Ceres-Earth conjunction may indicate a potential for a large solar event (X-Class Solar Flare or Major Solar Eruption) or a 7.5 Magnitude earthquake on either one of these forecasted days.

This is his own analysis using Heliocentric Imagery, geocentric portrait and harmonic translations to predict possible effects here on earth. He used astrology in these forecast in-conjunction with lunar modulations.

The chart he uses is generated by solar fire, 'the Rolls Royce of Astrology software'.

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