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Aurora Borealis could be visible in much of Canada, northern US

Aurora Borealis could be visible in much of Canada, northern US

January 11, 2014 - Northerners thawing out from a bitter freeze may get rewarded with shimmering northern lights the next couple days.

U.S. space weather forecaster Joe Kunches said the sun shot out a strong solar flare late Tuesday, which should arrive at Earth early Thursday. It should shake up Earth's magnetic field and expand the Aurora Borealis south. He said best viewing would probably be Thursday evening, weather permitting.

The University of Alaska's Geophysical Institute predicts much of Canada and the northern fringes of the U.S. should see the northern lights.

The solar storm is already diverting airline flights around the poles and may disrupt GPS positioning devices Thursday.

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Northern lights stay home, Colorado viewing of aurora borealis is a bust

Cloud cover in northeastern Colorado hampered celestial viewing overnight, but even if the sky had been cloudless, the Northern lights were a no-show. "For us, it was a disappointment," said Joe Kunches, a forecaster with the federal Space Weather Prediction Center. Predictions of peak viewing of the aurora borealis over Colorado didn't pan out.

Clouds could block aurora borealis in Wyoming

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - A strong solar flare is pushing a geomagnetic storm toward Earth that could bring shimmering lights to Wyoming. The aurora borealis could be visible around midnight Thursday into Friday but cloudy skies could block out the view in parts of the state. The former director of the Campbell County School District Planetarium director...

Solar flare promises Northern Lights over Illinois

Canadians in the south could see northern lights tonight

Aurora Borealis to shine light on Colorado

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