Azerbaijan and Israel coordinating attack on Iran

Israel Attack Israeli Iran

Israel’s attack on Iran might not have the backing of the United States but seems to have a Muslim ally in the region.

Israel "go-it-alone" to attack Iran's nuclear sites has been the talk of the world in recent years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed impatience, saying Tehran is just one year of a "red line" for nuclear capacity. Many fellow Israelis, however, fear that a unilateral attack and the absence of U.S. forces would not be wise against an enemy so large and remote.

But what if, even without Washington, Israel was not alone?

Azerbaijan, an oil-rich former Soviet republic in the northern border of Iran, has, according to local sources, with knowledge of its military policy, explored with Israel how Azeri air bases and drones could help Israeli planes attack the long range target.

That is far from the massive firepower and diplomatic cover that Netanyahu wants from Washington. However, to address key weaknesses in any Israeli war plan, particularly on refueling and reconnaissance and rescue teams, such an alliance could tip Israeli thinking about the possibility of acting without U.S. help.

It may also have broader violent side effects as Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, would risk damaging the energy industry in which his wealth depends on, or Islamists who dream of knocking down his dynasty, for supporting Israel ( via ).