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'Bigfoot DNA' study seeks Yeti rights

'Bigfoot DNA' study seeks Yeti rights

February 18, 2014 - A team of researchers led by Melba Ketchum, a Texas veterinarian, claims to have not only conclusively proven the existence of Bigfoot through genetic testing, but also that the mysterious monster is a half-human hybrid, the result of mating with modern human females about 15,000 years ago.

Ketchum’s work — which had been delayed for years because no peer-reviewed scientific journal would accept her study — was finally published yesterday in something called the “DeNovo Scientific Journal.”

There’s been much discussion about the dubious validity of the study; the fact that it was rejected by mainstream science journals and instead self-published in a “science journal” and web site created specifically for that purpose raised many eyebrows.

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As i09 writer Robert T. Gonzales drily noted, “The site claims to be ‘open access,’ but charges 30 bucks to access the Bigfoot genome paper. It bears mentioning that the Bigfoot genome paper, at the time of this posting, is also the only paper in Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the new journal. Seeing as ‘open access’ clearly does not mean what these researchers think it means, you’ll forgive us if we remain skeptical when they say their data ‘conclusively proves that the Sasquatch exist as an extant hominin.’”

'The government must recognize them as an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights.'- Melba Ketchum, a Texas veterinarian and author of new report

So what’s this all about? Why, exactly, is Ketchum struggling so mightily to prove that Bigfoot exist? Though Ketchum is charging for copies of her article, her motivation is likely not profit, since she’s not going to get rich from her research. Nor is it fame, since the paper is garnering universally scathing reviews from scientists, which can only further tarnish her reputation.

Instead, the answer may surprise you: Ketchum sees her research as an important first step in obtaining legal status for Bigfoot, which she believes are an undiscovered Native American population. Ketchum issued a statement demanding that the U.S.

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