Bilderberg 2011 plans for more economic chaos

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The drop of nations is a real possibility, ache for other people, Brazil to wage trade wars, Ireland damage with disastrous borrowing coverage, the fault for tragedy is upon the financial institutions, Europe not safe from bankruptcies, the Fed strives to control, the dilemmas of free of charge trade, globalization, and terrorism, the prosperity of paraihs concealed in Swiss financial institutions.

Amongst now and the end of the year, most likely in the fall, we’ll see major financial and financial difficulties in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Italy. These events will sorely test Germany, France, Holland and Austria.

Over and over we hear announcements from Brazil of trade wars. Brazil is intentionally reining in their forex, the true, because of to its power. They have imposed reserve requirements on domestic banking institutions’ international exchange positions. These are taxes on investments and de facto forex controls. This kind of steps are extremely good moves that cause indirect greater gold charges.

In Ireland severe steps are currently being taken. Public shelling out will be reduce twelve%. Added to that is a tax enhance that would be a reduction of $7.8 billion. Public services and the minimal wage will be minimize as well. The wealthy will pay out a lot more and kid assist payments will drop.

Although the above problems manifest themselves the US goes merrily on its way like absolutely nothing was incorrect. People in america have been pre-propagandized, as they ended up underneath stimulus – one into believing a recovery is in development. We don’t share that prediction. The Irish and other folks realize their troubles, but Americans can not arrive to grips with them.

Like other members of the Euro zone, Ireland found they could borrow cheaply beneath one interest fee matches all. This policy, which we predicted 14 years in the past, would be disastrous, was disastrous for Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, and Belgium. Needless to say, the leverage provided by cheap income introduced on speculation, notably in real estate, that brought on today’s problems. Indeed, speculation by men and women was a problem, but as in other countries, the troubles really lie with the banks, which are actually liable for these tragedies. They must have never made the financial loans in the first spot. Stupidly, the Irish federal government bailed out the financial institutions just like Greece did. They should have defaulted and permitted the banks to fail. The financial institutions ended up a lot more than complacent. Just as we see now in the US the banking companies have at minimum quickly been bailed out and depositors assured that their price savings are safe. There are also the stimulus applications every person else has tried using as nicely, that we have observed in the end don’t work. That is since they are geared to bail out the financial sector and not the financial system.

Ireland’s finances will be followed by equally harsh budgets guided by the IMF, which will lead to decades of poverty, as undesirable as the 800 year reign of Britain over the Emerald Isle. PM Brian Cowen and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan offered out the Irish individuals to British bankers. The vultures are circling the Republic to prepare for years of long term enslavement. A lot of have called it financial treason.

Allied Irish Bank and Anglo Irish Lender brought on all the difficulties and now the Irish men and women have to bail them out. A then secret meeting was held at which AG Paul Gallagher sat in as adviser to the government and Dermot Gleeson, AIB Chairman and former AG representing the banking companies. Each are Illuminists and members of the Bilderberg Group. These two and the PM and FM sold out Ireland to preserve the banking institutions owned and controlled by the British. They have place the Irish people on the hook for $600 billion. In addition, federal government acquired $70 billion in dangerous bonds made up of real estate from these banking institutions. These banks are owned by British, French, German banks that are managed by the Black Nobility and amongst them the Rothschilds and Queen Beatrix of Holland, an ardent Bilderberg. Her father, Prince Bernard, was a former Colonel in Hitler’s SS.

The only issue left for Ireland to do is to default and leave the euro returning to the Irish punt. They should also go away the EU. They must also finish fractional reserve banking, which would permit authorities to issue debt cost-free, interest free of charge income with gold backing. They really should kick Royal Dutch Shell out of the Irish offshore gas fields and significantly more. This in component was what we instructed the Greeks to do.

We see a rocky year in Europe that could stop in bankruptcies. The efforts to bailout Greece and Ireland and now Portugal and Spain, will enhance financial debt all through Europe and lead to all nations possessing troubles. The deal struck with Ireland to cover bank insolvency will only increase the financial debt in the prolonged operate and not clear up the dilemma. There is no hard work of personal debt restructuring simply because the financial institutions refuse to just take losses. This attitude and policy is carried ahead in all governments by way of fellow Bilderberg connections. The system has to be changed and purged, but they won’t hear of that ( via ).

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