Bird deaths: Sci-Fi Movie "The Core" Turning Into Reality?

Weather Haarp Conditions Core

Just before individuals in Beebe rang in the New Year, a lot of witnessed an uncanny resemblance to the film "The Core." About 5,000 black birds fell from the sky off Windwood Drive, Beebe Arkansas leaving really the mess to cleanse up. Even fishes had been also identified dead in same areas.

In 2003, Hollywood Movie "The Core " received released and the plot was The Earth's core has halt spinning owing to misuse of HAARP. Disasters are showing all over the entire world. Birds start dieing, powerful thunderstorms, individuals died as coronary heart quit functioning.

Movie showed how the collection of events over the entire world linked by variances in the Earth's electromagnetic field as the rotation of Earth's molten core is slowing down, primary eventually to the collapse of the electromagnetic field which will expose the surface to the Sun's lethal radiation.

Now much more reports are coming from equivalent incidents close to the globe, down under is list of city's and countries :

Falling Dead Birds in US :

Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana

Falling Dead Birds in other countries

Colombia, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Uk, Italy

According to Venezuelan President Haitian Earthquake was caused by HAARP Weapon. We have also noted below on UFO-Blogger that how last year Chinese HAARP induced deadly flood in Indian Leh, Ladakh Himalayan Region.

In most up-to-date report published on BBC " NASA researchers say they have located a close link among "Electrical Disturbances On The Edge Of Our Atmosphere" (HAARP do the precise samething to our atmosphere) and impending quakes on the floor below.

It is an aged stating that technological innovation is just a instrument, its all up to us how we would like to use it. Climate modification and HAARP is a ideal case in point in which we can use the engineering to manipulating or altering to avert hurricanes or tornadoes, from transpiring or causing beneficial weather conditions, such as rainfall in an area encountering drought or of provoking damaging weather conditions against an enemy or rival, as a tactic of military or economic warfare.

Even Hollywood have also made few film on HAARP - Look at Right here

USA Air force On Chemtrails and HAARP

In accordance to United Nation modification in warfare has been banned but time to time we had noticed how one country use climate modification as weapon in opposition to other.

But White House had presently openly supports Chemtrails as a toll for climate modification.

According to Gen Gordon Sullivan, previous Army chief of personnel, “As we leap technology into the 21st century, we will be able to see the enemy day or evening, in any weather conditions — and go immediately after him relentlessly.”A world-wide, exact, actual-time, strong, systematic weather-modification functionality would offer war-battling CINCs with a potent force multiplier to accomplish military objectives. Since weather conditions will be typical to all feasible futures, a climate-modification functionality would be universally relevant and have utility across the whole spectrum of conflict. The capability of influencing the weather conditions even on a small scale could change it from a force degrader to a force multiplier.

Down below are operational abilities of WM Weapon in accordance to Owning the weather in 2025 research paper introduced to USA Air force ( via ).