Bombshell: Sandy Hook shooter died day before shootings

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Another horrifying contradiction to the official version of the Sandy Hook school shootings surfaced this week with the advent of a conflicting death record showing the alleged shooter officially dying a day earlier than the shooting event itself.

The mainstream media is either the most incompetent it's ever been and has mistakenly overlooked almost every detail of every mass shooting that has occurred in the US over the past six months, or is purposely leaving out details that would ultimately change the face of the events and how they appear to the public.

The real problem though is that literally none of what the media initially reported about the shootings was accurate and, unfortunately, almost nothing they've reported since has been verifiable either.

The mainstream media's version of the events is contradicted by the evidence on almost every level and so many conflicting stories have been reported by different news outlets around the country, little of which has turned out to be true, they can all no longer be seen as worthy of relaying reliable news. Except for a rare, select few.

The official version of the Sandy Hook school shootings was already questionable enough, without the emergence of the alleged shooter's death record showing he died the day prior to the shootings! - Photo credit: The Conspiracy Examiner

But thanks to a vastly improving and increasingly credible alternative news media, publications have been closely monitoring the circumstances and, in spite of the mainstream media, lifting the mask and unveiling a reality national and local news outlets refuse to touch.

As a result, those who care to have noticed a vastly different beast than the one characterized by the faces the establishment uses for its most important information control operations. As the story goes, for instance, a citizen journalist on an Alex Jones related website discovered the Adam Lanza death record and it was then picked up by the alternative media only, of course. At least, for now.

In addition to countless elements of a story not at all matching what the establishment would like everyone to believe, now it has emerged that official (verified) government death records show Adam Lanza, the alleged Sandy Hook school shooter, sold to the public as yet another lone gunman, actually passing away Thursday, December 13, 2012, one day prior to the tragic event itself. His mother, on the other hand, is officially showing to have died the day of the shootings, ironically.

Many will point to this as just being a mere coincidence and a likely typo by whoever entered the information into the computer keeping track of official death records, but combined with a documented laundry list of sheer impossible coincidences and anomalies surrounding each and every mass shooting that Americans have been forced to deal with over the past few months, coupled with the reality that a death certificate typo is unlikely, including a ridiculous amount of other instances happening prior to the actual shootings, this seems more like another frightening example of just how willing the media is to ignore what is truly happening behind-the-scenes and what that actually means.

Had it been only one or two things that were overlooked or misrepresented by the media since last summer's Aurora theater massacre, that would've been one thing and potentially able to be seen as mere coincidence. Witnesses stating to have seen multiple tear-gas canisters deployed simultaneously, from opposite directions, in theater 9 would be a great example. But when so many extraordinary details are missed or ignored that an obvious pattern emerges, like witnesses claiming to have seen multiple suspects after every single shooting, that becomes something else entirely. What emerges is something totally opposite to what the media suggests is the case. This includes weapons used, who was involved, the motives behind each crime, etc.

When one actually dares to dive into all of the evidence that exists surrounding these events, it's obvious none of them were the work of a single individual and all of them have the telltale signs of a sophisticated operation that likely requires a trained team of individuals working in concert. Unfortunately, that team also includes members of the media, at the highest levels, that are ultimately responsible for what the rest of us are fed as perceived reality. Local and lesser news agencies merely parrot and support the information that emerges.

A problem easily overcome now however thanks to a whole host of alternative media outlets, now seen by a rapidly growing portion of the population as far more credible than the corporate media has likely ever been ( via ).

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