Breaking News: God appears in the sky over Norfolk, UK

Norfolk Man Image Clouds

Nobody can argue there's something heavenly about a cluster of clouds on a summer's day. And by the look of this stunning picture, that is certainly the case, if you look closely. Amateur photographer Jeremy Fletcher took this extraordinary photograph which appears to show a God-like bearded man in the clouds. The 56-year-old took the image during recent turbulent weather conditions and says the clouds momentarily parted at sunset to reveal the image. Mr Fletcher, of Bray, Berkshire, was in Norfolk for a three-month work attachment took the photograph on an evening stroll along the beach at Snettisham . "I realised the image looked remarkably like a face of a man with a beard so I took a number of shots on my phone" he said. "The face appeared to be looking back towards the shore. The obvious comment is that it looks like God but it could also be Sean Connery or Karl Marx." Norfolk councillor and county stalwart Charles Joyce, 62, said: 'Everyone who lives here knows Norfolk is a bit special and now it seems to have been confirmed from above.' Norfolk is England's fifth largest county and has a population of 859,000.

No large almond shaped black eyes. No pasty grey skin. Doesnt look like our creator to me.

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