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Breaking: US sets nuclear ultimatum for Iran

Breaking: US sets nuclear ultimatum for Iran

November 27, 2011 - With the credibility of an IAEA report on Iran’s secretive nuclear action becoming questioned, some authorities say the Iranian men and women really should inquire their authorities why their place is nonetheless a member of the UN nuclear agency.

The united states’s whipping up hysteria more than the Iranian nuclear plan, with the exact same figures that utilised to accuse Iraq of possessing chemical and nuclear weapons now repeating their selves with frenetic conviction.

Two members of the ‘axis of evil’ conspiring to make nuclear weapons? This kind of a nightmare state of affairs would be dreadful in fact. But with unnamed sources declaring North Korea is supporting Iran go nuclear, some thing about the plot would seem dreamt up.

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Tweet A lively debate continues to swirl in some quarters of Washington about whether time is running out to derail Iran's nuclear program through military action. The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, who has perhaps written more than anyone on this subject, relays growing concerns in Israel about Barack Obama's willingness to use force if necessary,...

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