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Breaking: Wikileaks's Julian Assange arrested in London

Breaking: Wikileaks's Julian Assange arrested in London

June 20, 2011 - Prosecutors in Sweden have insisted the extradition request is a matter of criminal regulation and they "have not been set underneath any kind of strain, political or normally".

5 individuals, which includes journalist John Pilger, film director Ken Loach and Jemima Khan, the sister of Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, presented to set up sureties.

But district judge Howard Riddle refused bail for Mr Assange and he was remanded in custody until finally fourteen December.

Decide Riddle explained he considered Mr Assange might flee and he also feared he "might be at chance from unstable individuals".

Gemma Lindfield, for the Swedish authorities, gave details of the allegations against Mr Assange.

Carry on reading through the principal story The charges

Utilized his entire body weight to hold down Miss A in a sexual fashion.

Had unprotected intercourse with Pass up A when she had insisted on him utilizing a condom.

Molested Miss A "in a way developed to violate her sexual integrity".

Had unprotected sex with Pass up W while she was asleep.

One of the charges is that he had unprotected intercourse with a female, identified only as Pass up A, when she insisted he use a condom.

Another is that he had unprotected sex with another woman, Pass up W, whilst she was asleep.

Mr Assange, who was accompanied by Australian consular officials, originally refused to say the place he lived but ultimately gave an address in Australia.

Afterwards Ms Khan explained why she was prepared to put up a surety: "I offered my assist as I feel that this is about the universal correct of freedom of information and our correct to be told the truth."

Carry on reading the principal story Analysis

Clive Coleman BBC Information legal affairs analyst

At a total hearing, which is not likely to get location for some weeks, Mr Assange will be able to raise his arguments towards extradition.

The "fast-monitor" European arrest warrant system is dependent on the principle that all the taking part countries have lawful systems which fulfill equivalent requirements, and totally regard human rights.

If Julian Assange is to keep away from extradition he would require to show the warrant is politically motivated. This has been argued productively in the past by Russian oligarchs, although Sweden has a much better judicial report than Russia.

Or he would need to use technical arguments - arguing the warrant does not show exclusively what regulation has been damaged. But most technical mistakes could be settled finally and the warrant reissued.

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