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Britain and U.S. prepare missile strikes on Syria 'within days'

Britain and U.S. prepare missile strikes on Syria 'within days'

August 26, 2013 - Royal Navy vessels are being readied to take part in a possible series of cruise missile strikes, alongside the United States, as military commanders finalise a list of potential targets.

Government sources said talks between the Prime Minister and international leaders, including Barack Obama, would continue, but that any military action that was agreed could begin within the next week.

As the preparations gathered pace, William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, warned that the world could not stand by and allow the Assad regime to use chemical weapons against the Syrian people “with impunity”.

Britain, the US and their allies must show Mr Assad that to perpetrate such an atrocity “is to cross a line and that the world will respond when that line is crossed”, he said.

British forces now look likely to be drawn into an intervention in the Syrian crisis after months of deliberation and international disagreement over how to respond to the bloody two-year civil war.

Military planners in Washington and London are addressing the ‘significant challenge’ of finalising a list of potential targets designed to cripple Assad’s chemical warfare capability.

The possibility of such intervention will provoke demands for Parliament to be recalled this week.

The escalation comes as a direct response to what the Government is convinced was a gas attack perpetrated by Syrian forces on a civilian district of Damascus last Wednesday.

The Assad regime has been under mounting pressure to allow United Nations inspectors on to the site to establish who was to blame for the atrocity. One international agency said it had counted at least 355 people dead and 3,600 injured following the attack, while reports suggested the true death toll could be as high as 1,300.

Syrian state media accused rebel forces of using chemical agents, saying some government soldiers had suffocated as a result during fighting.

After days of delay, the Syrian government finally offered yesterday to allow a team of UN inspectors access to the area. However, Mr Hague suggested that this offer of access four days after the attack had come too late.

Meanwhile, as tensions in Syria rise to unprecedented heights, Israelis, fearful of a possible chemical attack by its northern neighbor, have been flocking to gas mask distribution stations. Distribution of updated masks and chemical protection kits have been going on for several years, but on Sunday hordes of Israelis who have neglected to get their updated kits flocked to post offices, which are responsible for the distribution.

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David Cameron is facing pressure to recall Parliament amid signs that the US and Britain are preparing for military action against Syria. Labour and Tory backbenchers have insisted the Prime Minister should explain himself to MPs before intervening in the wake of alleged chemical weapon use by Bashar Assad's regime.

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  • Properchap#

    Properchap wrote August 27, 2013 6:51:48 PM CEST

    This looks like the start of all the nwo encompasses the powers that be are again leading us to a disastrous confrontation to cover the economic shambles they have created properredeye is right its all smoke and mirrors but this one could be the start of a huge conflict time to take cover i think

  • Sketchsi#

    Sketchsi wrote August 26, 2013 8:28:48 PM CEST

    Comon are you guys Syrias? Syriasly, nothing will come of it, i have this teacher in my spiritual class called Miss Isles, she thinks this thing has been blown out of proportion, if this war happens ok, itll be as terryfying as hell, but on the bright side, the illuminati will be happy, we may get good karma! i cant take any of this Syriasly

  • Backway2#

    Backway2 wrote August 26, 2013 8:01:28 PM CEST

    I still see this as a PR exercise. With Syrian army in possession of the Russian S300 and possibly S400 such an attack will very likely result in humiliating results for UK and US. This is exactly what happened to Israel a month ago. They lost one submarine and at least two F16 planes. If the Syrian army really has S400 their sky will be 100% protected. Even with S300 only (which they officially have) they will neutralize most targets.
    The other issue is the Russian base at Tartus. As far as I am aware they have a legal right to respond to offensive targets within at least 100km radius around the base, probably even more. This "complication" along with the S300/S400 air defense system presence makes an US/UK air strike very unlikely or if they go for it will not very high of the military planners behind such an operation.

  • Thebuster893#

    Thebuster893 wrote August 26, 2013 5:56:26 PM CEST

    well said properREDeye

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye wrote August 26, 2013 1:09:11 PM CEST

    This will be a bigger a war crime than Iraq since we seem to be backing the crowd using chemical weapons.
    Looks like Cameron and Obama are determined to tar themselves with the same brush as Bush & Blair.
    Not a wise choice, Bush has been advised by several western democratic countries he will be arrested and tried for war crimes if he goes there so if that's the company they want to keep then a similar fate awaits.
    These war criminals will be brought to justice and their true crimes revealed so beware because all is not as they say in Syria, the western mediocracy is pulling the smoke & mirrors trick for a change in order to get the Rothschild banks into Syria (which the current president is blocking but the Rebel groups who are using chemicals against their own people have agreed to let the banks in if they win). These genocidal psychopaths in power will stop at nothing to fulfil their greed, even supporting sides using chemical warfare

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