Cleveland County Bigfoot Makes a Big Comeback

Cleveland County Bigfoot Makes a Big Comeback

Cleveland County’s witnessed significant modifications over the previous twelve months. From triumph to tragedy, journalists at The Star have covered the tales that mattered in 2010. As a new year dawns, we’re revisiting the 10 most important tales of 2010.

Tim Peeler claimed to have noticed a 10-foot-tall creature at his house in Casar June 5, resurrecting a virtually forgotten piece of folklore and placing Cleveland County in the international media spotlight.

Whilst camping and searching over the years, Peeler explained he encountered the mysterious man-beast, affectionately acknowledged as Knobby, on other occasions. 

But when Knobby appeared exterior of his property, Peeler known as the authorities, triggering the story to go public.

“That's why I referred to as 911. He came twice. I feared for my little dog's life,” he discussed. ( via )

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