Cleveland County Bigfoot Makes a Big Comeback

Cleveland Peeler Knobby Tales

Cleveland County’s witnessed significant modifications over the previous twelve months. From triumph to tragedy, journalists at The Star have covered the tales that mattered in 2010. As a new year dawns, we’re revisiting the 10 most important tales of 2010.

Tim Peeler claimed to have noticed a 10-foot-tall creature at his house in Casar June 5, resurrecting a virtually forgotten piece of folklore and placing Cleveland County in the international media spotlight.

Whilst camping and searching over the years, Peeler explained he encountered the mysterious man-beast, affectionately acknowledged as Knobby, on other occasions. 

But when Knobby appeared exterior of his property, Peeler known as the authorities, triggering the story to go public.

“That's why I referred to as 911. He came twice. I feared for my little dog's life,” he discussed ( via ).

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