Cloud 'angel' spotted in Devon skies

Angel Cloud People Williams

Ian Williams noticed the glowing cloud over Sidmouth in Devon on around 7.30pm on Tuesday.

He said: "I'd been doing some work in the loft at my father's house when I looked up through the window and spotted the 'angel'.

"I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to get a couple of shots before the formation dispersed.

"I was surprised at how much it resembled an angel gliding through the sky within the shape of arms out and flowing hair."

Mr Williams is not the first person to see an angel in the skies above.

Earlier this year, just hours after the new Pope Francis made his first appearance at the Vatican, a Florida resident claimed to have photographed a cloud angel hovering above.

A similar claim was made in 2012 when people gathered for a vigil to remember the 12 people killed when gunman James Holmes opened fire in a Colorado cinema during a screening of the Dark Knight Rises.

The phenomenon of seeing human like features in inanimate objects is known as pareidolia, defined as "the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist" ( via ).

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