Contact not lost with Russian polar workers in Antarctica

Lake Vostok Russian Deputy

The Russian Antarctic polar expedition, which conducts nicely-drilling functions in the subglacial Lake Vostok, is doing work as typical, Deputy Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Study Institute Alexander Danilov informed Interfax on Friday.

"Get in touch with with them exists, is preserved, practically nothing occurred there, almost everything is taking place definitely usually," Danilov stated.

Speak to with the Russian researchers in Lake Vostok had been misplaced, a number of media shops stated before, citing U.S. researchers.

Presently, the drilling is carried out inside the 'ice-water' border variety, the Institute's deputy director said. Nonetheless, this range is rather wide, around 50 meters.

"No one understands exactly in which the border ends and water starts. This is why the drilling proceeds, and there is still hope for completion in this season," the scientist explained.

This season's perform on Lake Vostok is because of to be concluded close to February five.

Lake Vostok is Antarctica's greatest subglacial lake. It is unique in that it has been isolated from the floor of the earth for hundreds of 1000's of years. A four-kilometer glacial shell has served as organic insulation for the lake. Scientists think that the lake could be a habitat for living organisms ( via ).

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