Dancing Light UFO's: Norway's Hessdalen Phenomena?

UFO Hessdalen Ufo Lights

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‘Some is moving very slowly and some lights can move really rapidly. The fastest we have ever before measured was thirty,000 km per hour.

Sc. EE Erling Strand, College of Ostfold, Hessdalen Phenomena

For over a ten years scientists and scientists in Norway have been making an attempt to determine out the mysterious lights and UFO’s they’ve documented on film and witnessed firsthand in Hessdalen, the site of the globe’s first UFO observatory. Mysterious lights clocked at up to thirty,000 km for every hour, lights which, in our opinion, look very related to the Dancing Light UFO filmed in Thailand in early December.

The site of the globe’s first UFO observatory, the Hessdalen Interactive Observatory, dubbed ‘bluebox’. Hessdalen, Norway, the location the place neighborhood residents have witnessed mysterious lights in the nearby mountains for over a hundred years. After a wave of UFO sightings in the early 1980′s, Østfold College University in Norway set up the observatory. Since then, many sightings have been captured on film and radar.

Update: Link to stay Hessdalen webcam.

Update: Link to the French blog site Onvi Paranormal–a genuinely exciting UFO-Paranormal site–which has much more info on the joint research underway at Hessdalen which contains GEIPAN, the official group that scientific tests UFO’s in France. At Onvi Paranormal, the link to GEIPAN’s internet site which has more information on the form of scientific research underway at Hessdalen:

The objectives of this first campaign, executed with minimal sources, are to determine achievable disturbances of minimal frequency electromagnetic field (below 40 Hz) associated with these events light to evaluate the spectrum of the electric field in a frequency band really wide (1kHz to 5MHz) to research the seismic noise, recording radar traces of these phenomena with the Italian radar, and shoot on automatic triggering the phenomena of light through the Norwegian materials. Four internet sites are at present operational: the Norwegian central station known as ‘Blue box’ in which the Norwegian devices and measuring the electrical field, the radar station situated 4 miles south and two electromagnetic stations found in the valley and run by batteries and solar panels. Following this first marketing campaign, a extended process of info processing and analysis will be done by the scientific consortium. The results will then much better realize the genesis of these luminous phenomena and to think about much more in depth research and far more systematic.

UFO Filmed Over Moscow Jan. 18, 2011: We Place up the Video clip, You Decide

Over at Youtube, portion of a documentary about the Hellsdallen UFO Observatory and the research on the mysterious lights, the sightings of UFO’s and a ‘landing’ around Hessdalen.

Researchers look into 2 ton damp turf that seemed as it was ‘surgically eradicated by a laser’

In December we posted remarkable UFO footage shot in Thailand, a UFO we dubbed the Dancing Light ( via deathby1000papercuts.com ).

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