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David Marler on Triangular UFOs

David Marler on Triangular UFOs

October 15, 2013 - Triangular UFOs are one of the types that are most reported and some of these cases have been the most amazing and credible cases of all UFO sightings. Although there have been some investigations and analysis done on triangular UFOs, until now no one had written a book compiling the sightings to take a closer look on this aspect of the UFO phenomenon. David Marler has done this in his book Triangular UFOs, and what he has found is astonishing. He has gone about his investigation in a professional and careful manner. He has not made assumptions, but rather but the data together to show that the Triangular UFO phenomenon represents something very mysterious, and buttresses the argument that the UFO phenomenon presents a genuine mystery that deserves serious attention.

Besides talking to David about his book, we also are paid a visit by a casting agent looking for people who have had UFO and other paranormal experiences whom may want to participate in their upcoming TV program.

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  • pushtone#

    pushtone wrote October 16, 2013 10:49:21 PM CEST

    it isn't complicated - these things (whatever the shape - whoever they are) are parasites .

  • Doogle#

    Doogle wrote October 16, 2013 8:30:59 PM CEST

    Start a thread Mistaron

  • Mistaron#

    Mistaron wrote October 15, 2013 10:12:53 PM CEST

    I would like to posit a broad and possibly contentious opinion regarding UFOs.

    As an alternative to the widely held UFO timeline since 1947, I would suggest that most UFOs, if not all, are man-made and today's triangles, in particular, appear to be comparatively recent.
    I don't wish to sound like a debunker, mainly because I do believe that historical observations tell us our earth has experienced events, strongly suggesting outside visitations. Still, I do question those that say we have engineered ufo-type craft, but only as a result of captured alien technology.

    As an alternative and for the sake of argument, let’s say I believe it is highly likely that Tesla technology incorporated with acquired WWII German alternative, propulsion research is, with progressive applications of the exponential growth in science, responsible for the plethora of global sightings over the last 75 years.

    I find it interesting that the physical appearance of observed, solid objects seems to have progressed, over the years from the traditional disc, (two inverted pie plates with a dome), to glowing, light-diffused craft, onto our current angular and very tech-age, sleeker shapes.

    The reason these secret craft are not acknowledged, while public research is shrugged off by the establishment and disinformation is cleverly disseminated, is because the shadow government has long been aware of, and utilising, power sources developed under extreme secrecy, which, if public, would totally destroy the economic and hierarchical structures dependent on a petro-dollar, fossil fuelled, world civilization.

    Imagine the collapse if such information came to light. Oil, gas, electricity, finance. The upheaval for these industries would be catastrophic. And that would just be the beginning, the implications would be astounding. Adapting to such a new paradigm could mean the dissolution of the world we know and such a transition would by no means be bloodless.

    No. Those who manipulate the human tapestry could not let this discovery be shared, for their monopoly could no longer dictate the terms of our obedient, subservient dependence.

    Ask yourself, bearing in mind recent government duplicity, would your government and the elite wish to destroy their own power base and the control it exerts over every living soul, or would it wish to keep from the mob the secret of free energy in order to carry on gorging on the lucrative produce of a subdued, accepting, and fossil-dependent population.

    How then to test and experiment with such advances? Perhaps take advantage of sightings reports and point the inquisitive and ever-curious, mass mind toward the greatest feat of misdirection and myth creation ever proffered and so readily swallowed in all of history.

    As long as UFOs remain the domain of a marginalised and drip-fed UFO community, the military can continue flying and testing “UFOs” in broad daylight and the media will either ignore it or pop up the odd report with dismissive amusement.
    In the meantime chinks are appearing.

    I do believe Roswell happened and a vehicle was retrieved.

    But what if it was really one of ours?

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