David Marler on Triangular UFOs

UFO Ufo Triangular Ufos
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Triangular UFOs are one of the types that are most reported and some of these cases have been the most amazing and credible cases of all UFO sightings. Although there have been some investigations and analysis done on triangular UFOs, until now no one had written a book compiling the sightings to take a closer look on this aspect of the UFO phenomenon. David Marler has done this in his book Triangular UFOs, and what he has found is astonishing. He has gone about his investigation in a professional and careful manner. He has not made assumptions, but rather but the data together to show that the Triangular UFO phenomenon represents something very mysterious, and buttresses the argument that the UFO phenomenon presents a genuine mystery that deserves serious attention.

Besides talking to David about his book, we also are paid a visit by a casting agent looking for people who have had UFO and other paranormal experiences whom may want to participate in their upcoming TV program ( via openminds.tv ).

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