Did the Great Sphinx of Egypt Originally Have a Different Head?

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It's too small. That's the problem that many see with the head of the Great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt: proportionately, it's much too small for the massive leonine body that it sits upon. Does this suggest that once, way back in antiquity, it originally had a different head...like that of a lion?

English geologist Colin Reader is one who thinks so, and in the video he cites another strange fact about the Sphinx's head as evidence for the theory:

We know for most of its life the Sphinx has been buried up to the shoulders and neck in sand. I've seen other places at Giza, the sand tends to protect the rocks that are buried beneath it.

The head's been exposed for almost the entire life of the Sphinx. It's been exposed to wind-blown sand, the effect of the Sun...if anything, the head should be more degraded than the body, but we see the reverse. And for me, there's only one real explanation for that. And that's that the head has been recut.

At a later stage, whatever was there originally, was retrimmed and reprofiled, to give us this pharaoh's head. The inescapable conclusion from that, is that originally this wasn't a Sphinx at all. It started life as something different.

The video goes on to cite more possible evidence for the theory, including an ancient Sphinx sculpture in the Cairo museum that also shows signs of having been recut from its original shape to give it the head of a pharaoh.

Incidentally, Colin Reader also - like fellow geologist Robert Schoch - believes that the Sphinx is older than orthodox Egyptology thinks it is - although his theory is far less radical than Schoch's, redating the famous monument only a few hundred years, rather than thousands. See Reader's journal article "Giza Before the Fourth Dynasty", or this more casual explanation of his ideas, for more detail.

Posted by Tom on 11 Jun 2014 at about 13:37.

Isn't it obvious that it is Anubis? Never looked right to me being a lion or a sphinx. It's got to be a dog - Anubis, guarding the gates to the underworld and all that? I thought Robert Temple or Graham Hancock were going on about that back in the 90s.

Posted by Fey on 11 Jun 2014 at about 18:01.

And PS - yes I think Anubis is a good candidate for Sphinx - makes a lot of sense in respects to Egyptian mythology / culture...

Posted by red pill junkie on 11 Jun 2014 at about 21:18.

To my knowledge, it was Schoch the 1st to suggest the Sphinx may have had a different head than the smallish human one it currently has.

And that was back in the early 90's.

Also, ever since Emmerich's '10,000 B.C.' came out, I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to Google a screen-grab from the film in which, for some fleeting seconds, the Sphinx was shown with a lion's head --a very fitting homage to Robert IMO ;)

Posted by Blaknyte on 11 Jun 2014 at about 23:12.

I've said this for years - it's the obvious proof of an older civilization, that for some reason, they refuse to acknowledge ( via dailygrail.com ).

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