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Digital laser scan reveals Stonehenge's secrets of the past

Digital laser scan reveals Stonehenge's secrets of the past

October 11, 2012 - The intricacies of Stonehenge have been brought to life like never before thanks to a new laser scan.

The analysis has revealed in startling detail aspects of the construction and activity at the site over thousands of years. It is now believed that the masons who constructed the monument used the best materials and spent the most time on the more prominent of the stones, especially those seen first when approaching along the axis of the summer and winter solstices. The scans have also revealed tool marks over 4,500 years old and graffiti added using axeheads over one thousand years ago.

"Now we can see how the utmost care and attention was devoted to ensuring the pristine appearance of Stonehenge for those completing their final approach to the monument along the solstitial axis," said professor Clive Ruggles.

The survey, carried out for English Heritage, exposes numerous details now invisible to the naked eye and will be used in displays for the long-awaited new visitor centre, due to open late next year.

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