Documentary To Show Evidence of Alien Contact, Says Mexico

” Mexican Mayans Evidence

A new documentary about Mayan civilization will give proof of extraterrestrial make contact with with the historical culture, according to a Mexican govt official and the film’s producer.

“Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Past,” currently in manufacturing, will declare the Mayans had speak to with extraterrestrials, producer Raul Julia-Levy uncovered to TheWrap.

Mexico will release codices, artifacts and significant files with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their info will be corroborated by archaeologists,” mentioned Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia.

In a release to TheWrap, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, the minister of tourism for the Mexican state of Campeche, mentioned new evidence has emerged “of get in touch with between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, supported by translations of particular codices, which the federal government has stored secure in underground vaults for some time.”

He also spoke, in a phone discussion, of “landing pads in the jungle that are 3,000 years previous.”

Raul-Julia claims there is evidence that the Mayans had meant to lead the world for thousands of years, but were pressured to escape immediately after an invasion by “men of darkish intentions,” leaving behind proof of an advanced race.

“The Mexican govt is not generating this assertion on their personal — everything we say, we’re heading to back again it up,” he said.

The movie will be directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo, who won the Humanitas Prize for “Those Who Remain” in 2009 and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for International Documentary for “In the Pit” in 2006. Juan Diego Rodriguez Gonzalez will serve as the Guatemalan govt producer, and Eduardo Vertiz as the Mexican government producer.

And sure, they count on people to just take this critically, because the messages he ideas to impart are essential to human survival, Julia-Levy insisted ( via ).