EMP: Iran or North Korea Could Destroy US with a single Bomb

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EMPs are cheaper than Nukes have a 5 times more diameter effectiveness and will disorientate everything , a nuke could scorch a city off the planet but it cant disorientate a whole nation .

If an EMP attack went off all electronics would be down, the stock market would crash, we would starve if we don't find food, cars and all transportation won't work, people would panic and raid stores to take all the food, instantly we would turn into a preindustrial era, everyone would not gain any money, Americas defenses would be nothing without electricity, and the worst part, no more television,further more the Nuclear Power Plants are not inside a Faraday cage.

The electrical surge will follow transmission lines and go right into the electrical wiring and computers of the nuclear power plant. This instant frying of the electrical structure of the power plant will prevent the computers from initiating safety shutdown procedures such as bringing down the protective shields and kicking in the diesel generators to run the water pumps. This would result in an instant meltdown and world radiation.

If all electronics are fried how do you purify water? Even more important how do you pump it from underground or even reach groundwater without power drills? People will die from dehydration, that's the problem people forgot how to purify water the old way people are distracted by newer electronics that are being made, now a threat is being made because the terrorist know that our strength is also our weakness "Electronics".

Prepare today!

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