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South Africa would like to draw leading astrophysicists to the continent as effectively with the world's most powerful radio telescope, the Sq. Kilometre Array.

Cape Town - The evidence for historical human speak to with extra terrestrial beings lies in the megalithic structures all around the planet, an creator has mentioned.

Michael Tellinger stated that the design of the structures was so sophisticated that historic individuals could not have completed it without some kind of external intervention and blasted critics who suggest that the feats could not have been achieved, employing primitive means.

"I would like to give them [critics] a thousand slaves and request them to replicate some of these structures. Nobody's replicating that today," Tellinger, creator of the controversial Slave Species of God, told News24.

"Individuals sit on their arses have no notion of the complexity of putting these structures jointly. Guys are just theorising and do not do adequate research in all regions of understanding and information," he added.

There have lengthy been debates all around the goal and design of structures like the pyramids in Egypt, the moai of Easter Island and people created by the Maya and Olmec in Central and Southern The us.

Recent discoveries have raised questions about the engineering utilised to generate these structures, some of which have stones weighing in excess of two hundred tons and ended up built by individuals imagined to have no modern technologies, such as the wheel, in the circumstance of the Mesoamerican civilisations.

"A rule of thumb is that it requires about 10 to 20 men to move a one ton rock, so when you might be talking hundreds of tons you happen to be talking countless numbers of males," explained engineer John Brandenburg on Historical past Channels' Ancient Aliens The Sequence.

One of the puzzling structures is Sacsayhuamán (Falcon's head) near the city of Cusco, Peru ( via ).