Egypt Covering Up Hall of Records Discovery

Egypt Atlantis Discovery Hall

There have been several discussions heading on not too long ago about a conspiracy with the intended discovery of one of the fabled Hall of Information in Egypt. A lot of researchers are declaring that the two the Egyptian authorities and Zahi Hawass are covering up the discovery.

Rumors are circulating all through the world lately with the intended discovery of one of the legendary Corridor of Records in Egypt.  The Egyptian federal government alongside with recently retired Zahi Hawass who ran the Egyptian Antiquities Department have adamantly denied these statements stating that no this kind of building or chamber has been discovered. However, several scientists and even some archaeologists are expressing that the chamber was indeed found but has been covered up owing to the contents inside and what it would suggest to each our comprehension of background and Ancient Egypt’s history.

According to legend and the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce, the Hall of Records are composed of three chambers pass on all through the world that include the missing history of the lost continent of Atlantis alongside with the missing history of the human race. The three chambers are stated to be located in Egypt (beneath the Sphinx’s paw), someplace on the Yucatan Peninsula and one on the lost continent of Atlantis, which would be most likely sunken in the sea depths nevertheless.  Each and every chamber is imagined to have the heritage of the lost continent of Atlantis along with details on any of the surviving inhabitants of the famous island. It was Cayce’s declare that there had been tiny teams of survivors that managed to escape the destruction of Atlantis and it was these Atlanteans that introduced civilization to equally Egypt and Mexico. Cayce claimed that all of this information would be housed in these Hall of Documents and would detail each the background ahead of the destruction of Atlantis and the demise also.

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So, why would Egypt cover the Hall of Information?  Naturally, the primary reason would be the understanding that the Egyptians did not produce civilization independently but instead were trained the principles of it ( via ).

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