Egyptians hold 'Farewell Friday', millions to protest today

Palace Correspondent Crowd State

Omar Suleiman, the vice-president, introduced in a televised address that the president was "waiving" his office, and had handed over authority to the Supreme Council of the armed forces.

Suleiman's short statement was acquired with a roar of approval and by celebratory chanting and flag-waving from a crowd of hundreds of 1000's in Cairo's Tahrir Square, as properly by pro-democracy campaigners who attended protests across the country on Friday.

The crowd in Tahrir chanted "We have introduced down the program", while a lot of were seen crying, cheering and embracing one another.

Mohamed ElBaradei, an opposition leader, hailed the second as currently being the "best day of my life", in remarks to the Associated Press reports agency.

"The country has been liberated right after a long time of repression,'' he stated.

"Tonight, following all of these weeks of aggravation, of violence, of intimidation ... today the individuals of Egypt without doubt [experience they] have been heard, not only by the president, but by folks all close to the world," our correspondent at Tahrir Square noted, subsequent the announcement.

"The awareness of euphoria is simply indescribable," our correspondent at Mubarak's Heliopolis presidential palace, exactly where at the very least 10 thousand pro-democracy activists had gathered, said.

"I have waited, I have worked all my adult life to see the power of the individuals appear to the fore and show itself. I am speechless." Dina Magdi, a professional-democracy campaigner in Tahrir Square told Al Jazeera.

"The second is not only about Mubarak stepping down, it is also about people's power to provide about the modify that no-one ... believed attainable."

In Alexandria, Egypt's 2nd city, our correspondent described an "explosion of emotion". He explained that hundreds of 1000's were celebrating in the streets.

Professional-democracy activists in the Egyptian capital and elsewhere had earlier marched on presidential palaces, state television structures and other government installations on Friday, the 18th consecutive day of protests.

Anger at state tv

At the state tv building previously in the day, countless numbers had blocked individuals from moving into or leaving, accusing the broadcaster of supporting the present government and of not honestly reporting on the protests.

"The military has stood aside and folks are flooding by way of [a gap where barbed wire has been moved apart]," Al Jazeera's correspondent at the state television building documented.

He mentioned that "a great deal of anger [was] created" right after Mubarak's speech last night, exactly where he repeated his vow to comprehensive his phrase as president.

'Gaining momentum'

Exterior the palace in Heliopolis, the place at minimum ten thousand protesters had gathered in Cairo, another Al Jazeera correspondent documented that there was a strong military existence, but that there was "no indication that the military want[ed] to crack down on protesters".

She said that army officers had engaged in dialogue with protesters, and that remarks had been mostly "helpful".

Tanks and military personnel had been deployed to bolster barricades around the palace.

Our correspondent explained the crowd in Heliopolis was "attaining momentum by the instant", and that the crowd had gone into a frenzy when two helicopters had been observed in the air about the palace grounds.

"By all accounts this is a very civilised gathering. people are separated from the palace by merely a barbed wire ... but no one has even tried to cross that wire," she explained.

As crowds grew external the palace, Mubarak left Cairo on Friday for the Red Sea vacation resort of Sharm al-Shaikh, in accordance to sources who spoke to Al Jazeera ( via ).

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