Europe's tallest building, London's (Illuminati) Shard, now open

Shard Night Building Tallest
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Europe's tallest building, the Shard on London's south bank, opened last night with a spectacular light and laser show.

TBTB can't be more blatant! The huge pyramid-shaped skyscraper known as "The Shard" which was officially open last night in Central London, is plentiful of Freemason numbers embedded on its structure and totally suggest a role in the upcoming false flag event of the Illuminati cabal.

Londoners flocked to rooftops, balconies and public spaces as the tower, which rises to 1,016ft above the city, was lit in blue, green, purple and gold and lasers probed out across a clear night sky in the capital.

From its uppermost floors on a crystal clear day, it is claimed you can see France. London Bridge station resembles a toy train set at the base of the building and every other landmark in the capital suddenly looks rather stumpy.

This skinny, shiny, pointy addition to an already crowded landscape officially became the tallest in Western Europe yesterday with an inauguration ceremony that has been pending for the last 12 years.

It also set itself up as ‘the new premier visitor experience’, selling tickets today to allow public access from February to its viewing platform.

But it might not be the altitude that makes you giddy ( via ).

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