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Evidence that Earth-like worlds can form in two-star solar systems

Evidence that Earth-like worlds can form in two-star solar systems

July 5, 2014 - A new planet has provided scientists with the first evidence that liveable, Earth-like worlds can exist in binary, or two-star, solar systems. As half the universe's planets are in binary systems, the chances of life on other planets just got better. The new planet, dubbed OGLE-2013-BLG-0341 by scientists, is twice the size of Earth and orbits one of the stars in a binary star system - where two stars orbit around their common center of mass - at a distance of around 90 million miles, which is the same distance between Earth and our sun. However, the big difference is that the heat source is 400 times dimmer than our own sun. There is no chance that there could be any forms of life as we knew it on the planet, as the temperature on the new discovery is a chilly -213 Celsius, which is colder than Jupiter's moon Europa. Even though there are two suns orbiting the planet, very little warmth is omitted from either heat source. Too cold for life However, although the new planet is too cold to be habitable, the same planet orbiting a Sun-like star in such a binary system would be in the so-called habitable zone.

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