Ex-U.S. Air Force Security Policemen discuss UFO encounters

UFO Witness Security November
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Two more veterans have come forward this week describing details of a close encounter with a UFO at a U.S. military base, according to a November 28, 2012, statement by UFO-Nukes expert and author Robert Hastings.

A former U.S. Air Force Security Policeman stationed at K.I. Sawyer AFB in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from March 1973 to November 1976, assigned to the 410th Security Police Squadron, describes an event from October 1975.

An object that looked like an aircraft with its landing lights on approached their runway.

"The object continued its slow approach and then hovered over the flight line and the Weapon Storage Area," the witness stated. "At the time, K.I. Sawyer had nuclear weapons in there and on the B-52 bombers that were on alert on the flight line."

A second account took place two decades later at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, from a witness who was assigned to the 44th Security Police Group. While working as an Alert Response Team leader in the Oscar Flight area, the witness was dispatched to a [missile] site with multiple alarms.

After responding to several alerts, the witness saw a "blue, pulsating light near the site."

"As we got closer and were able to place it in perspective with the surroundings, we could see that the light was hovering near the site, but had moved away as we got closer," the witness stated.

Since 1973, Hastings has interviewed more than 130 individuals, "ranging from retired USAF colonels, who were ICBM launch and targeting officers, to former airmen who had guarded those missiles, or nuclear bombers."

Read Hastings' complete report on these two new pieces of witness testimony. Hastings appeared on the Coast to Coast AM radio show November 18, 2012, and made an appeal asking veterans to contact him with any information about UFO activity ( via examiner.com ).