Extraordinary Photos from China's Area 51

Google-earth Coordinates Photographs Viewzone

Editor's Notice: Even though this story has gone viral and has been picked up by the main stream media, we want to thank the courageous Chinese lady who sent this to viewzone in early November and also to Haisheng Liu, who translated the text for us. With all the speculation we remind readers that the photographs and coordinates provided to viewzone were accompanied by an explanation. Which is most likely the smartest position to start.

I was asked to translate a latest submission to viewzone that contained the adhering to photos, taken from the google-earth program. Of course I checked the archives to be sure they are appropriate and mentioned the GPS coordinates so anyone can affirm that these items are genuine.

The top rated of this strange rectangle building spans 5670 feet -- over a mile -- and the street-like structures are as significantly as 100 feet vast! Google-earth photographs show the building at numerous times likely back to 2005. It is often covered with mud and the encompassing land displays no symptoms of activity for miles (apart from some miles to the West, in which a ideal sq. of earth about a mile broad has been covered over with sand). Prior to 2005 the google-earth photos are blurred in this certain spot, suggesting it is not new. It appears to be made fairly thick as it has not buckled or cracked over the years.

Google now has a function exactly where you can see the exact place at distinct times in the past. Some photographs go back again 10 years. In this way you can see what has took place over time. The "puzzle" building is really aged and appears in the earliest satellite pictures (when not obscured on goal). But wait, there is certainly more unusual things in this quick region:

As you will want to see these for your self, the coordinates are offered. Zoom in on some of the remains of structures and camps. They are all vacated and look like they have been ransacked. There's a sign of an explosion in places with the floor riddled with 10 foot craters, as if cluster-bombed ( via viewzone.com ).