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Extraterrestials top God in UK believability research

Extraterrestials top God in UK believability research

October 13, 2012 - An estimated 33.1 million inhabitants in the UK believe that life exists on other planets, while only 27.5 million – less than half the country – believe there is a God.

52% of the population believe evidence of UFOs has or would be covered up, because the fact of their existence would threaten the stability of the government.

10% of the country claim to have seen a UFO, with almost a quarter more men claiming to have done so than women. Northern Ireland bucked the nationwide trend with only 30 per cent believing in aliens.

The survey of 1,359 UK adults was commissioned by XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a new videogame which tasks you with saving the world from an enemy invasion.

β€œJust 20 years ago, religion was a huge part of life in the UK, and this shows just how much attitudes have changed,” said Nick Pope, formerly of the Ministry of Defence UFO Project. β€œBelief in the alien phenomenon is now more widespread than ever, with many wondering how we and our governments would react to the news that aliens existed.”

Interestingly, more men believe in life on other planets than women, with the same trend evident when considering if there is a God out there.

If aliens did reveal themselves, over a third of the population would be more curious than anything else, with the second most prevalent emotion being fear. That said, 1 in 5 would be immediately sceptical.

Furthermore, 20% of the country believes UFOs have landed, while over 5 million UK residents believe the Moon landings were faked.

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