FBI release: J. Edgar Hoover's Saucer Crash Secrets

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It is stated that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover could find out “anything about every little thing.” His deep and unrelenting investigation of the secret activities of politicians, military, famous people and international leaders is famous. When identified to do so, he could find out the facts about any occasion or subject of interest. His compulsion to find out about this kind of hidden factors was insatiable and frequently even bordered on the perverse. But did Hoover’s interest in “things concealed” prolong to ET? Did Hoover without a doubt discover the fact about the retrieval of crashed craft from another globe? New info -and a new examination of a body of appropriate FBI files from a long time ago - says “Yes.” And the buried clues that other individuals have missed about the Director and his investigation of crashed saucers are now uncovered here:


Four FBI paperwork in certain are key to comprehension J. Edgar Hoover and the crashed saucer mystery. Some of these paperwork could be acquainted to UFO fanatics. The FBI has now initiated Vault - an online searchable document retrieval for researchers and media. This has led to latest online discussion about of one of these paperwork.

Nonetheless a nearer and complete look at these FBI files reveals details that are not easily obvious on first review. When we analyze the FBI agents and military officers that are pointed out within these paperwork -as effectively as the documents’ timing and sequence and their total context- we are led to one stunning summary: The Director knew that he was not becoming told the total story behind the tales of crashed saucers. Fiercely independent, Hoover find out the real truth about what genuinely transpired in the New Mexico desert on his individual conditions.


On July 8, 1947 a FBI Particular Agent named Percy Wily authored a convoluted teletype marked “Urgent. ” It was directed to J. Edgar Hoover and to the SAC (Special Agent in Cost) in Cincinnati. It is the only document from the week of the crash incidence that has ever before been released by means of FOIA that relates straight to the Roswell incident.

In summary, Hoover is knowledgeable that the “disc and balloon” had been “being transported by specific plane for examination” to Wright Field. Wyly is peculiar in his wording (with information related to him by the Army Air Force) and continues that it was documented to have resembled “a substantial altitude weather conditions balloon with a radar reflector – but that “telephonic conversation had not borne out that opinion.” Really curiously, this last line is omitted completely from the nineties Air Force Roswell Report debunking the event.

Agent Wyly was conveying info that had been offered to him by Significant Edwin M. Kirton of the Military Air Force Intelligence (of the 8th Military Air Force) at Ft. Well worth, TX. Kirton was one of Basic Roger Ramey’s important officers. Publicly Kirton debunked the incident, telling the Dallas Early morning News that the Roswell crash was of a climate balloon (even though telling Wyly that it was not.) Kirton lied to the press that the flight was cancelled to Wright Field (it was not.) Kirton’s identify (misspelled “Curtan” in the unique teletype) was purposely deleted from the original 1976 FOIA released document therefore properly stopping his questioning by scientists. Kirton handed in 1992 at age eighty three.

When Wyly was achieved by a researcher in 1981, Wyly did not desire to converse about the Telex that was sent to Hoover. He said, “I’ve had no unexplained fires in my garage and I have had no adult males in dark suits at my doorstep. I’m experiencing my retirement and I was to maintain it that way. I have practically nothing to say”. Wyly was loyal to Hoover even in the wintertime of his life. Wyly had been properly rewarded for his years of silent service to the Hoover. Following his FBI service I have realized, Percy Wyly was appointed Director of Security for Sandia Laboratories. Wyly died in 2000 at age ninety.

There is much more to the intriguing “Wyly tale” which this writer has recently learned which will be released at a later on date.

What is also really exciting about this FBI teletype is that is indicates that the final results of the study of the Roswell crash debris would be forwarded to the FBI’s Cincinatti office – and of course to Director Hoover. But unbelievably, no files have ever surfaced to reveal that this had actually took place. I am specified that when Hoover was apprised of the Roswell crash with such sparse but tantalizing data as presented by his agent Percy Wyly, that it had instigated Hoover’s strong interest and his intense investigation. It is inconceivable that Hoover was not informed- or that he did not try out to find out on his very own- the genuine nature of the crashed disc at Roswell ( via ufocon.blogspot.com ).

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