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Flat and tubular UFO hovered two miles over Mongolia

Flat and tubular UFO hovered two miles over Mongolia

May 24, 2011 - A Significant airport was forced to shut down to avoid packed passenger jets crashing into a UFO.

The "flat and tubular" object hovered two miles from Bootee in Inner Mongolia, a component of China.

It is the Third mysterious UFO sighting this year to have resulted in Chinese airfields being closed.

Xiaoshan, in Zhejiang province, shut for a handful of days in July right after an "oddly-formed, twinkling vivid light" was witnessed close by. Another scare was documented earlier in the summertime at Hong Kong.

The most recent UFO was spotted by air site visitors controllers in Inner Mongolia's capital Hoot on radar screens. But they could not make radio make contact with with it and quickly warned Bootee.

A spokeswoman explained: "To ensure security, plane had to land at secondary airports. Or else, it may possibly have led to collision."

The airport was closed for all around an hour last month.

The Chinese authorities have refused to remark but some experts feel the three sightings could be evidence of a new Chinese military plane.

Nick Pope, a previous Ministry of Defence UFO investigator, said: "What ever you assume about UFOs there are serious national security and air safety problems involved."

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