Fox News: Centreville, Virgina UFO on video

UFO Object Ufo Virginia

A Fox Information affiliate from Virginia ran a story with video on a UFO over Centreville on November 3, 2010, that was photographed over Lee Highway.

Witness Bryan Fains mentioned that the object moved again and forth in the sky horizontally, and then stopped and moved up vertically. The witness utilised his iphone to video clip tape the object in the course of the 10-second observation. The blue light remained on and did not blink. The object was silent.

This circumstance has not been documented to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Another circumstance that has not but been noted to MUFON, occurred just seven miles south of Centreville on October 16, 2010. The following is the unedited witness assertion.

UFO Seen on the side of Route 66 Among Manassas and Gainesville Virginia.

I had a Sighting on Oct sixteen 2010 in Northern Virginia about 6:30pm.

I was driving with my spouse West on RT 66, immediately after Manassas and prior to the Gainesville Va exit, I saw on the other side of the East sure lanes a big dim object with several brilliant lights that appeared to kind the shape of a V or an elongated Triangle. The object was black and had a number of (8-12) vivid white lights on the bottom ( via ).