France plans to jail repeat visitors to 'extremist websites'

Sites ? Proposed Extremist

France's president proposed a sweeping new regulation Thursday that would see repeat website visitors to extremist sites set behind bars — one of many difficult actions floated in the wake of a murderous shooting spree.

The proposed principles, unveiled by Nicolas Sarkozy immediately after the death of an Islamist fanatic wished for a horrifying collection of execution-fashion murders, have alarmed journalists and legitimate specialists, who say they threat pulling the plug on free expression.

Sarkozy, who is only a thirty day period absent from an election, argued that it was time to handle individuals who browse extremist internet sites the very same way as those who consume little one pornography.

"Any person who routinely consults Internet internet sites which advertise terror or hatred or violence will be sentenced to jail," he advised a campaign rally in Strasbourg, in eastern France. "Do not explain to me it truly is not achievable. What is attainable for pedophiles ought to be feasible for trainee terrorists and their supporters, also."

French regulation calls for up to two years in prison and 󌍎,000 (approximately $40,000) in fines for repeat visitors to child porn sites, though no matter whether the proposed anti-terror principles would carry comparable penalities isn't really clear.

When asked, Sarkozy's office directed a question in search of specifics to the Ministry of Justice, which didn't instantly offer clarification.

Journalists and lawyers are concerned.

"Striving to criminalize a check out — a easy go to — to a website, that's some thing that seems disproportionate," explained Lucie Morillon, who runs the new media bureau of journalists' watchdog group Reporters Without having Borders ( via ).