Free Energy Devices: Yes They Are Real

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A free energy device is one that creates energy in an open system. This means that the physical device is open to take energy from around its environment. Our educational institutions and mainstream science have perpetuated the idea that these systems cannot be created. In order to uphold and maintain a system of belief, one must teach it. People are waking up to the fact that not everything on planet Earth is as it seems, and new truths are starting to infiltrate the consciousness of the masses. It is very likely that free energy devices do exist and like many other discoveries, they have been concealed and hidden from the human race. The energy is extracted from what we call space time, its the energy all around us that we cant see. A device like this cannot have a meter on it, it cant be measured and no price tag can be put on it. This can mean that a free energy device is a threat to the industry that controls our world and the people on it, the energy industry. The energy industry dictates who has access to life and who doesnt. If you look at where the funding comes from, its easy to make connections between the energy, pharmaceutical, health, food and educational industries. Lets take a look at what has been concealed from us and whats becoming increasingly transparent. Below are two clips from the documentary Thrive that illustrate the implications of this device, and the effort involved to suppress it.

Foster Gamble is an heir and direct descendant of James Gamble of Procter and Gamble. From a young age he was expected to be apart of the hierarchical establishment that is in control of the worlds resources, but he chose a different route. This is a minuscule amount of evidence within the public domain that supports the idea of free energy devices, if you are interested hopefully it shows you that there is much more to this phenomenon and inspires you to do your own research. Its always good to have an open mind.

Although new technologies can help transform our world, the real change lies within each one of us. Its us that hold the key to change, no technology can transform this planet until we operate from our true natural state. A state of love, peace, understanding and cooperation are required if we want to move on from this current Earth experience and create something new for ourselves ( via ).

I've been researching into many of the topics I write about for several years, a few of my interests stem from childhood. A combination of research and life experiences have led me down the journey I find myself on today. I've always questioned the world around me, and have had a deep desire to change the world the best way I know how. Ultimately, I strive to be the change I'd like to see in the world. If you'd like to know more about me, my life experiences, 'education,' or anything else, feel free to email me!:)

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