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'Friendly visit': Russian warship fleet docks in Cuba

'Friendly visit': Russian warship fleet docks in Cuba

August 4, 2013 - A surface combatant squadron of the Russian Navy arrived in Cuba on Saturday for the first time in four years. The Cuban government announced the fleet was there for a “friendly visit.”

The unit consists of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, missile cruiser ‘Moscow’, the large anti-submarine ship ‘Vice Admiral Kulakov’ of the Northern Fleet and a number of supply and service ships. The squadron visited the port of Havana to replenish supplies.

The ships were greeted by an artillery salute, a naval band and a few hundred onlookers as they arrived in the Bay of Havana.

Russian diplomats and the foreign military attaché accredited in Havana paid a visit to the ‘Moscow’ missile cruiser. Tourists will also be able to visit the cruiser on Monday, Cuba's government announced.

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