German parliament insists on copyright of secret UFO files

German Parliament Scientific Ufos

On December 1, 2011, the Administrative Court of the city of Berlin is managing a hearing on a male's claim from the German authorities to release restricted information on UFOs and extraterrestrial life as well as in special the understanding within an official record put together by the "Scientific Research Treatment of the German parliament" on need of associates of the German parliament on the inquiry on the federal government's know-how and studies regarding UFOs. So a long way the German federal government denies this understanding and to publish the paper.

- This write-up is an interpretation of an initial German article

Applicant Mr. Frank R. refers his request to the German flexibility of details act (Informationsfreiheitsgesetz, IFG) as well as requires the release of the paper that the German federal government is still holding off. This record is realized to exist and exemplifies a collection done by the "Scientific Analysis Product of the German parliament", the "Deutsche Bundestag" in Berlin, on info regarding the "Look for Extraterrestrial Way of life and the Realization of the UN-Resolution|33|426 about the Observation of Unidentified Flying Objects as well as Extraterrestrial Life". (Note: Together by having|DEC|32|424,|DEC|33|426 was accepted decision by the United Nations General Piecing together in 1978 which asked for the "establishment of an agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, co-ordinating as well as disseminating the results of analysis into unidentified flying objects and related sensations".)

So far the German parliament, refuses access to and the publication of this report by having the debate that "the IFG (German opportunity of details act) simply concerns the parliament as long as it renders social administration responsibilities", as quoted by the Administrative Court of Berlin that continues quoting the German parliament: "The particular location on administrating of parliamentary tasks must be excluded from accessibility to data. This features amongst further details the legwork of the Scientific Investigation Services to the delegates. In addition protection of the intellectual premises rights (a kind of the German version of Copyright) applies even for the work of the scientific research treatment of the German parliament."

As detail of the around the world Disclosure and Exopolitic-movement, "Exopolitic Germany" ( is badgering the release of reportedly restricted expertise and data by governments, military as well as cleverness services. In an interview with the German online newsmagazine on the paranormal and side discipline "Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell" (grewi. de) the coordinator of Exopolitic Germany, Robert Fleischer, commented on the truth that the Bundestag is withholding the paper, also while encountering a court hearing, as follows: "The refusal of the German parliament to submit the report is even much more strange as well as questionable as you are able to find as well as download various other such records, put together by the 'Scientific Research Service of the German parliament' when it concerns an entire variety of many others subjects, at the website of the treatment (|dokumente|wissenschaftlichedienste). The reality that the release and publication of such a record handling questions about UFOs as well as extraterrestrial way of life is certainly not merely refuted however additionally battled from at court with reference to the defense of the intellectual house dues, does certainly not truly click – or does it?"

In reality: Exactly what is understood about the verdict of the secret paper is the truth that likewise the" Scientific Research Product of the Bundetstag" shares this view and professes that it is "beyond very likely that likewise official German authorities and Departments handled this questions" ( via ).

Because plenty of decades German UFO-researchers found out if the German government is carrying out inspection within UFOs and is maintaining records of it somewhere. While several members of the military and also individual pilots (most conspicuously the former chief-pilot of the German airline "Lufthansa") openly confirmed their really own first hand reflections as well as encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs), all official enquiries for instance to the German Unit of Defense (Bundesverteidigungsministerium) were responded with reports refusing virtually any official German pastime or knowledge concerning UFOs at all. Nonetheless, such a supposed shortage of hobby does not make virtually any sense at all, as additional NATO members, companion nations and states, such as the United Kingdom, the UNITED STATE, Belgium, Italy as well as France (merely to call a couple ...) have definitely already gone social with their previous UFO-files that were accumulated as well as explored for numerous decades. According to Fleischer, it is unimaginable that Germany as one of the leading European nations, had as well as has no hobby in a matter of nationwide protection, that got and get taken a look at by so many of his neighbors and NATO-partners."

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