Germany tightens security after receiving attack threat

Intelligence Attack Germany Security

Germany tightened security at airports and public properties right after acquiring intelligence of an imminent threat of attack from Islamic terrorists.

Germany's Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced Wednesday that security is being stepped up at airports and practice stations Photo: GETTY

Thomas De Maiziere, the interior minister, stated that a international hint-off had indicated an al-Qaeda cell was preparing an assault on Germany. He stated the country was currently being actively specific by extremist groups as a consequence of its involvement in Afghanistan.

Der Tagesspiegel, a German newspaper, explained that American intelligence businesses had presented reports that up to four suicide bombers intent on carrying out an attack were about to arrive in the country. Berlin refused to validate that American spies had supplied the information that prompted the nationwide alert.

The newspaper explained the attackers would show up from India or the Gulf to goal German buyers at Christmas markets.

The intelligence emerged from investigations triggered by a Yemen-based mostly plot to blow up airborne cargo shipments that have been intercepted last month ( via ).

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