Government Officials Caught on Tape: "ETs Walk Among Us!"

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Over four a long time ago a meeting of high-position military and intelligence officials, educational scholars and senior-level government researchers convened to examine the nature of the mysterious UFO phenomena. This dynamic blend of professionals hailed from the Air Force, NASA and other esteemed companies.

At the meeting these discovered and accomplished males deemed that the reality about the browsing extraterrestrial is much much more disturbing than we would actually dare to imagine:

The aliens wander among us undetected! They have currently inserted themselves into our culture and our planet. And as you will quickly listen to for by yourself, these spectacular statements have been taped, leaving no doubt about their intended indicating.

And just as our federal government inserts its intelligence agents into "countries of interest" by acquiring them look and act like the focus on populus - the extraterrestrials would do the exact same. Before any open up make contact with is made, they no doubt engage in the regular practice of understanding as a lot about "the natives" as attainable by "turning into" them!

THE Incredible MEETING

On February 8, 1966 the civilian UFO research group NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) held a tiny reception in Washington, DC in honor of mentioned Brazilian UFO researcher Olavo Fontes, MD. Fontes was most recognized for his early work on the Brazil "Ubatuba" UFO case and ensuing particles sample. Extended defunct, NICAP was a credible research organization that counted amid its members these inside of many professions throughout the fifties and 1960s.

According to archived data of the organization, at this meeting there ended up fourteen men and women in attendance ( via ).