Grail spacecraft launches successfully this morning

Spacecraft Mission Grail Moon

A Delta II rocket carrying NASA's GRAIL spacecraft effectively introduced from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 9:08 Saturday early morning.The rocket launched successfully Saturday immediately after being scrubbed by mission supervisors throughout its first kick off endeavor Thursday early morning.

The GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) spacecraft is a $five hundred million NASA project that will review the thermal evolution of the moon and give new insight into what it is made up of and how it was shaped. The spacecraft is made up of two similar satellites that will orbit the moon.

The GRAIL mission was chosen from dozens of proposals and researchers say the spacecraft will be sending again new information in just a number of months.

But the probes that will map out the moon's gravitational pull aren't low cost. The fifty percent billion greenback value tag was defended by mission supervisors who say the project is educational and will give new perception into the closet object to Earth.

"It pays to realize your nearest neighbor. The moon has influenced life on our Earth in numerous distinct techniques and ongoing studying of the moon is heading to be a worthwhile factor," described one mission supervisor ( via ).