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Hackers reveal: Pentagon may be involved in chemical attack in Syria

Hackers reveal: Pentagon may be involved in chemical attack in Syria

September 1, 2013 - The situation in Syria is still in the focus of world media. Experts predict another U.S. aggression for “human rights”. Washington regularly declares its readiness to attack Syria. The official version – to punish al-Assad and Syrian army for the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population.

Meanwhile, the media has spread new proofs of the U.S. intelligence involvement to chemical attack near Damascus. Hacker got access to U.S. intelligence correspondence and published U.S. Army Col. ANTHONY J. MACDONALD’s mail. Macdonald is General Staff Director, Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence the Army Staff. It’s about chemical attack in Syria.

In the message August 22 Eugene Furst congratulates Col. on successful operation and refers him to Wasington Post publication about chemical attack in Syria. From the Anthony’s wife dialog with her friend it’s clear the video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence.

Published data indicate Washington is willing to do anything to achieve its goals in the Middle East. Support for the Syrian opposition with political means and weapons hasn’t brought the expected results.

Under the circumstances the U.S. is ready once again to violate international law and attack Syria without UN Security Council approval. The world’s still the same – if policy doesn’t work, the aircraft carriers start acting!

Hacker released a statement on Pastebin in which he also stated that he had no time to look through all their mails, might be more information he get and at last he said “I will upload their correspondence later.”

Screenshots taken by Hacker of the COl. Mail:

Hacker also claimed to hack into various other Pentagon officers’ mail boxes:

- Evans, Anthony O COL USARMY HQDA ASA ALT  (US)


- Griffith, David M COL USARMY (US)

- Bell, Craig A COL USARMY (US)

- Parramore, David J (Dave) COL USARMY  MEDCOM HQ (US)

- Morris, Daniel L COL USARMY (US)

- Ellison, Brenda K COL USARMY (US)

- Jennings, Wesley J COL USARMY HQDA DCS G-8  (US)

- Eberle, Brian K COL  USARMY HQDA DCS G-3-5-7 (US)

- Bradsher, John M COL USARMY (US)

( via hackersnewsbulletin.com )


  • ryang351#

    ryang351 wrote September 29, 2013 10:15:42 AM CEST

    red only acts like he's on your side when anything about government gets posted search him here

  • ryang351#

    ryang351 wrote September 29, 2013 10:15:33 AM CEST

    red only acts like he's on your side when anything about government gets posted search him here

  • John001#

    John001 wrote September 2, 2013 5:33:47 PM CEST

    Too bad for the indurstrial dicks and thanks fo hackers they did a good job.If you read this you did a very good job!

  • robbelcham1#

    robbelcham1 wrote September 1, 2013 11:35:44 PM CEST

    While I wouldn't put it past them to be involved, the English doesn't sound right "I saw it either and got afraid very much" - who talks / writes like that ? I call shenanigans on this one.

  • Zanzibarjack#

    Zanzibarjack wrote September 1, 2013 11:24:09 PM CEST

    Ordinarily I would not cry death sentence Redeye, but the casual way they sentence women and children and innocent men to a hideous death, makes me think Vlad the Impaler was onto something. I am pretty sure that they are behind it, regardless of whether the hacker is real and true.

    Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/news/Hackers_reveal_Pentagon_may_be_involved_in_c...

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye wrote September 1, 2013 5:28:57 PM CEST

    If this is proven someone should get the death sentence for it, we all expected it but now serious action and proper investigation must be taken. There are some people who think they are beyond the reach of the law because of the position they hold but they need to be taught that murder is unacceptable even in war, even on foreigners and lying and fabricating false flag events to provoke conflict should be dealt with as the harshest crime comitable, paralel with genocide because it's a catalyst for that

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