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Hazardous Asteroid Is Approaching Earth On 13th/14th September 2012

Hazardous Asteroid Is Approaching Earth On 13th/14th September 2012
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September 8, 2012 - On 13th/14th September 2012, a potentially hazardous asteroid is approaching Earth.

During the flight the asteroid 2012 QG42 will be a quite visible bright object that can be observed using even middle-class telescope.

It was discovered by astronomers from the Catalina Sky Survey, Arizona on the 26th August 2012 in cooperation with their colleagues from Italy.

The problem is that the asteroid will pass close to Earth only 18 days after its discovery!

This rather large (500m) Near-Earth Object (NEO), is classified as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) due to its size (200-500m), and the proximity of its closest approach to Earth - within 0.019 Astronomical Units.

Using Slooh's online robotic telescopes shortly after the discovery of the asteroid, Norm Pritchett/Slooh made follow-up observations, which contributed to the initial determination of its orbit.

Slooh Space Camera will be providing online coverage of the asteroid's closest approach to Earth on the night of the 13th/14th September 2012.

Also astronomers at Goldstone and Arecibo will try to observe it on September as "this object should be a really strong delay-Doppler imaging target".


  • Bpeirce2#

    Bpeirce2 wrote September 9, 2012 1:59:40 AM CEST

    Anybody who has tracked comets and asteroids can see that over the last two years Earth has been in a shooting gallery. The objects are almosts on our ecliptic and traveling in the same direction as Earth....the Sun has seen unprecedented, record comet impacts, especially notable are those coming from beneath the solar just a ten day period last year 25 new comets were discovered....all of which do not conform to traditional comet orbits...these clusters can be explain quite simply....a massive object...on eliptical orbit of the sun...has passed through these debri fields and slung these comets into rough similar orbits as its own....

  • Chrlz#

    Chrlz wrote September 8, 2012 8:20:33 PM CEST

    There's a great book titled, "Impact! The Threat of Comets and Asteroids."

    For people who are interested in other near-earth threats I suggest checking out an online library called "A Space and Transient Researcher's Literary Library."

    It has a huge compilation of writings on asteroids and the process used to calculate their celestial orbits.

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