Here We Go: Suez Canal Workers Go On Strike

India West Rome Gold

Like India did to the romans immediately after the roman debased their income to base metals. ..basemetals. greater than paper.

To my understanding, India constantly demanded gold as payment for products heading to Rome.  This is probably the main purpose that they in no way adulterated the solidus (their gold coin).  Since Rome by no means developed nearly anything that was desired in India except gold, these coins swiftly disappeared from Rome.

Indeed, a genuine male spends a lot of his time in review, and on various subjects.  It retains the brain sharp, and prospects one to new avenues of knowing.

But you wouldn't know anything at all about that.

I must be in the fucking twilight zone. All I ever see is you doing is parade about your uninformed impression with regards to gold, and but you accuse tmosley?

Give him a break, it truly is not simple when all you know how to do is article mind numbing drivel between periods of jacking off. Will not forget about wtb, mum requirements to choose up more Lubriderm for you when she goes out for a lot more Kools and Jim Beam.

You should have a whole lot of difficulty composing messages, which I suppose explains the brevity of your push by troll posts.  Some of us are able to kind quite speedily.  I spend probably an hour a day composing posts at highest (when composing a series of long posts during a debate), normally much more like 15 minutes.  Zerohedge is a resource for significantly of my examine of economics.

But then, you wouldn't know considerably about review.

If only your brain had been as retentive, then possibly you could be capable to form a suitable contraction.

You sure you are not conversing about oneself there?  You are the one who carries on to reply with empty insults.

Well, I question. What sources did you find? As far as I know, scarce immediate contacts are identified of in between the Imperium Romanum and India, as "India" did not exist in these days, apart from different kingdoms in the Indus valley. Trade depended on caravan trails, largely.

"Hence, it appears, the industrial intercourse between Rome and India was substantial and splendid though the revenue arising from it were definitely in favour of the latter nation. For, as the Romans gave nothing at all but specie in exchange for articles of mere luxury, and as that specie could in no way flow back again to them by means of any other channel. It follows as a necessary consequence, that this trade need to in some diploma have operated as a drain on the national means.  At the very same time it would appear, from a range of conditions said by Pliny, that the common wealth of the empire endured little diminution from this department of commerce. And even though it could have contributed to speed up the development of corruption among a degenerate individuals, but, in a philosophical point of look at it was finally successful of considerable benefit to mankind. ..."

- Ned

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Sounds familiar will not it "Rome never poduced anything that was desired other than...", in the US case it would be personal debt, weapons and much more debt.

You sure that is not Courageous Star? You know, combating injustice on the world of New Texas, via the may of the power of fire h2o.  Or one thing like that.

If they are inclined to die, they might really complete one thing. Otherwise, they are just screwing the pooch.

TD currently up-to-date the post with this data. If you are unable to preserve up with the discussion it really is greatest not to converse at all.

Not a negative thought with the way this marketplace is working. Now that the protest has broken up the market place appears to have lit another fuse. 

US shares posted gains on Tuesday on strong revenue from McDonald's and other retailers, overshadowing the Chinese central bank's selection to elevate interest premiums. McDonald's shares gained more than 2 for each cent following the quickly-meals giant said sales had been up in January.

reports of hosni mubarak likely to germany for "health care factors", a lot more like exile

Does "not finding torn to shreds by an indignant mob" count as a health-related reason?

Allows see: all these guys are paid out to enable extraction of resources from their countries so these sources are allocated to building the West.

As a consequence, as individuals dictators work to empoverish their side of the entire world to enrich another side of the entire world (smithian economics), they do not invest their cash in their country ( a place progressively poorer and poorer) but mostly on assets based mostly in the West (a put more and more richer and richer). Dictators follow the sensible training course.

Difficulties is that when they flee, it may be interpretated as they failed the West in the mission they had been assigned to and as a payback, the West seizes the assets the dictators have located in the West, the spot they contributed to boost.

Not sure that the Egyptian tyrant was to be punished by the West the exact same way the Tunisian Tyrant was and allow a life of difficult work go to the gutter just like that.

Nein ( via ).

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