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Hilton: A Hotel On The Moon?

Hilton: A Hotel On The Moon?

July 15, 2012 - If there’s going to be a hotel on the Moon, does it have to be a Hilton? From BBC Future:

It is more than half a century since the idea of a Hilton hotel on the Moon was first mooted . Ever since, the plan has resurfaced periodically, making Matt Novak wonder if we are now any closer or whether there was ever a plan at all.

In 1958 the Boulevard Room at the swanky Conrad Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago offered delicious steaks, a lavish stage show, and a curious peek at the future.

At the front of the grand hall was what was billed as the ‚Äúlargest hotel ice rink in the country‚ÄĚ, on which troops of tutu-wearing girls danced for the crowds of diners. It was here, in the summer heat of August that black-tie wearing customers were given the first teaser of a legend that survives to this day:‚Ķ

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