Historians discover letters in Mona Lisa's eyes

Letters Symbols Eye Eyes

Tiny figures and letters have been uncovered painted into the eyes of the Mona Lisa prompting an investigation by artwork historians.

Members of Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage say the letters and figures can be observed when magnifying high resolution photos of the Mona Lisa'a eyes, the Everyday Mail reports.

"To the naked eye the symbols are not seen but with a magnifying glass they can clearly be witnessed," Silvano Vinceti, president of the Committee, was quoted as stating.

"In the appropriate eye look to be the letters LV which could nicely stand for his title Leonardo Da Vinci while in the left eye there are also symbols but they are not as outlined."

"It is really tough to make them out obviously but they appear to be the letters CE or it could be the letter B - you have to keep in mind the picture is practically 500 years aged so it is not as sharp and very clear as when first painted."

"Although in the arch of the bridge in the background the number 72 can be observed or it could be an L and the number 2."

The discovery of a fifty-year-outdated book in an antique store was the catalyst for the discovery of the symbols.

"We are only at the commence of this investigation and we hope to be capable to dig deeper into this mystery and expose even more specifics as soon as feasible," Mr Vinceti instructed the Everyday Mail.

"It truly is exceptional that no-one has noticed these symbols ahead of and from the preliminary investigations we have carried out we are self-confident they are not a slip-up and had been place there by the artist."

Mr Vincetti has travelled to Paris to look at the painting in which it is on show in the Louvre ( via au.news.yahoo.com ).

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