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Group Searcher Investigation Richard

 Richard Palmisano is in my thinking one of the greatest Ghost Hunters out there. I say this as he is one of the handful of that goes about searching into this part of the mysterious in a sensible careful manner utilizing the very best approaches and men and women he can find.

When Richard takes on a scenario it is given time and tough work . Richard and his ghost hunting group  identified as 'The Searcher Group ' perform a full investigation just before making any judgment or report on the scenario at hand.  Richard and  his team do not visit a achievable haunted place for a handful of hours and get in touch with it an investigation. The Searcher Group take no matter what time is required to work out what is going on in a location regarded as haunted.

It could just take days or even as alongside as a year to figure out what is occurring . This paranormal group does not leap to conclusions or commit a handful of several hours falling over themselves before making amazing statements. Richard and his workforce of investigators do the work the appropriate way in careful methods right up until they can find the solutions to the areas and events they are named to examine.

Richard has been working on a new book “The Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition”. This was a long expression in-depth investigation into the grounds and properties of one of Canada’s most identified spots.  This book will be coming out this July and can easily be identified on Amazon.

 Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition was a 13 month investigation of one of Canada’s most legendary spots. The Searcher Group investigated the grounds and properties finding this place is by much one of Canada’s most haunted locations. The book is packed full of information on the spirits who roam the properties in this investigation supported by over 30 photographs.

I recently talked to Richard about this extended intriguing investigation of an region in Canada lengthy acknowledged to be haunted to see if he discovered evidence of  things unfamiliar.

 Richard informed me that he and his Searcher Group did come across several odd routines and experiences that seemed to give them reasons to feel the locations they invested time seeking at have been indeed  haunted. Listening to this from a gentleman who is the most logical skeptical investigator of  all issues regarded as  haunted - I knew this had to be an interesting investigation.

Even though chatting with Richard I asked him if he encountered any events that were strong in his contemplating or involved any concrete proof. He instructed me in simple fact he  had . During his yearlong investigation for his new book he invested a wonderful deal of time at a site that was  once a battlefield.

Not only was this region of land a battlefield it also served as a burial ground for people who have been killed in the course of the fight. It was a case of the men becoming dug under exactly where they were slaughtered. The battle on this land happened  during the war of 1812.

The fight took place when Basic Pike attacked Fort York for the duration of the war of 1812, The battle alone on this area of land took place in the year of 1813. During this battle a lot of adult males died yet their continues to be were not given, at the time, the regard or dignity that a military man would ordinarily obtain. The stays of the fallen military guys ended up just buried down exactly where they fell with out fanfare or markings. It was a sorrowful sad time for all involved.

The battlefield years later  in 1860 was turned into an official Military Burial Ground. However the men who fell and have been buried there from the war of 1812 remained  without treatment or worry.

In the course of the research for the new book that investigated this place The Searcher Group put in time in this battlefield/cemetery

The Searcher Group had been informed a lot of peculiar factors had been heard and witnessed in the battlefield / cemetery site for many years. The group invested watchful days looking into these claims. In the course of their research of this site  The Searcher Group introduced one of their gifted mediums to the region for input.

The medium told the group a strong sensation of injustice was coming by means of from the site.  The experience arrived from the injustice accomplished to how the fallen males of the war of 1812 ended up discarded for the duration of the battle of 1813 when Pike over took York.

Despite the fact that these who fell since 1860 when the site grew to become an official Military Burial Floor had been honored these who fell before it ended up left in shallow unmarked graves. The sensation of their injustice was clearly and powerfully felt by this medium.

The Searcher Group of investigators were jointly in a group standing in the middle of this battlefield/cemetery discussing this with the medium when to everyone's astonishment one of the groups members , Richards brother Paul, was hit in the head with a flying object of some kind ( via ).

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