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Huge Sinkhole with tremors and methane bubbling in Louisiana

Huge Sinkhole with tremors and methane bubbling in Louisiana
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August 9, 2012 - Methane bubbles in the Bayou Corne community area sinkhole that emerged late last week have become more prolific, according to the local sheriff and the sinkhole depth, reported earlier Tuesday to be 372 feet deep, is reported to be 381 foot deep Tuesday evening. The percolating bubbles were slated to be the main topic of discussion at a local meeting this evening scheduled by officials to brief residents.

The sinkhole bubbles have become more prolific since Saturday, Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack said.

Monday, Parish officials disclosed that analysis by researchers shows the sinkhole is filled mainly with saltwater with traces of diesel and oil at the surface, both of which nearby Texas Brine Company's unused cavern had in it.

"The mud and vegetation observed from the air also are only floating on the surface of the water," The Advocate reported Tuesday afternoon.

The slurry area is south of La. 70 South, 2,500 feet from the nearest home in the Bayou Corne community, and only 1,500 feet from a butane-filled cavern.

The mysterious bubbling has been noticed for two months in the area swamps and bayous by concerned locals who want answers.

"We just want answers. That's all we want," one Bayou Corne local man told NBC 33 News on Sunday. "We want to know whether we are safe or not right here."

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