Human rights group: At least 6,000 dead in Libya

000 Libyan Human Rights

Libyan Human Rights League supplies surprising estimate of death toll as Gaddafi carries on to battle anti-federal government forces meanwhile, International Criminal Court to probe possible crimes in opposition to humanity in Libya AFP and AP

At minimum 6,000 men and women have died since the commence of the revolt versus Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's routine two weeks in the past, a spokesman for the Libyan Human Legal rights League mentioned Wednesday.

"Sufferers in the entire country have been 6,000," Ali Zeidan informed reporters in Paris, incorporating that this integrated 3,000 in the capital Tripoli, 2,000 in the rebel-held 2nd city Benghazi and 1,000 in other cities.

"This is what men and women instructed us, but it can be more," he added ( via ).

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