Hunt for ETs Moves From SF to Real World Science

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As NASA's Kepler space telescope detects hundreds of star systems with numerous planets, the search for life in the universe is firmly "on". Is Guy by yourself, or do we have neighbours? If so, what do they look like, and where are they? 

The evidence may possibly be nearer than we think, in accordance to a new book from Nottingham University Press.

"From Dying Stars to the Start of Life" by Jerry Cranford describes the new science of astrobiology - with all its fascination, but with no the jargon - and then introduces us to a new breed of "world hunting" astrobiologists who are swiftly identifying we are probably not by yourself in the universe.

Aimed at fans and undergraduates, the book details our newest comprehending on how life progressed on Earth, which is essential to understand how life might have created somewhere else.

The book maps this rapidly-emerging and interesting science which is revolutionising the way experts look at the chance of life on other planets ( via ).