Iran Displays 2 Documents on US Role in Terrorism

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Displaying one of the paperwork proving the United States' position in terrorism, Jalili mentioned, "We claim on the basis of corroborative paperwork that the United States is the primary suspect, and instead the principal culprit, in violation of human rights."

"The US desires for returning to Iran will not arrive true," he added.

"Today we screen with substantiating evidence and files that the United States has formally utilised its troops versus the people of Iran and the region."

He also declared that the Islamic Republic of Iran will officially file a lawsuit at the UN in opposition to the US for terrorism, incorporating that "Tehran will prosecute the US for terrorist steps".

"In addition to what we have presented to the UN against the US in the course of the last two years, today we show two collections of new files proving the US part in advertising and sponsoring terrorism," Jalili explained.

"These files will be offered to the Swiss ambassador to Tehran today," he continued.

The Swiss embassy hosts the US pursuits part in Iran.

November the 4 marks three critical events in Iranian background, including the takeover of the former US embassy in Tehran by Muslim college students in 1979 and the exile of the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini by the deposed Shah in 1964.

Since the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Tehran, Iranians have been celebrating the event every single year by holding rallies on the anniversary and marking it as the National Day versus the 'Global Arrogance' ( via ).

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